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Get ready to explore the world's most exclusive teas with Beta Tea! You will enjoy the best quality and most delicious teas from all over the world from China to India, from Ceylon to Kenya with Beta Tea. Beta Tea offers you a distinctive tea  experience with a broad range of delicious unique blends suitable for every taste. With Beta Tea, a taste of good mood & happiness will inspire you in every sip.

Beta Food, located in Turkey with an established experience over 40 years & 12 global brands,  has a  wide range of high quality FMCG products from Tea to Coffee, from Chocolate to Rice.

Today, Beta Food has an important market presence with its brands in countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Iraq. Initiatives in the American, Middle Eastern and Eastern European markets continuing.

Beta Tea Quick Look;

  • The 12th Tea Company in the world by Euromonitor
  • One of the leading tea buyers in the Sri-Lanka Tea market
  • Provide over 500 different tea blends
  • Offer a wide range of Tea gift packaging
  • World Star Packaging Champion in 2019 and 2020
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Beta Tea

Beta A'la Turkish Coffee 100 grams In its Special Package that Preserves Its Taste and Smell

We made a difference to the unique taste of Turkish coffee; We chose the blend that best suits your taste.
There are 6 pieces of 50 gram products in a box.
It has award-winning packaging Design.
Thanks to the windowed packaging, the product inside can be seen directly.

Beta Bergamot Dream Teapot Bag Tea 48 pcs x 3,2 grams. Earl Gray Flavored Potbag Black Tea.

It is produced by blending Saylan Black tea and Turkish black tea.
It is produced with fully automatic machines without human touch.
It is produced in our factory with BRC and IFS certificates.
It is extremely easy to brew because it is a teapot bag.
Provides a comfortable use. Each bag contains 3.2 grams of tea.
You can contact for any question you are curious about.

Beta Tea Kizildem Türkish Black Tea 1000 grams

It is made from tea leaves grown in the heavenly nature of the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.
After fresh tea leaves are harvested, they are quickly entered into the production process.
Teas with snow on them are grown only in Turkey.
Thanks to the snow falling on it, it gives its unique soft taste the red brew color.

Beta Tea Welltea Reform Collection Apricot Tea Bags 20 x 2 grams. Premium Dried Apricot Tea

The product is packaged in a sealed manner so that it does not lose its freshness.
Each Carton has 12 packages.

Senna ( leaf ),Birch (leaves),Nettle ( herb),Buckthorn (bark),Heather flowers (herb), Fennel (fructus),Cherry (stalks), flavouring,Licorice(root),Stevia (leaves),apricot juice granules.

Beta World Tea Collection Tea Pomegranate 50 grams

There are 6 pieces of 50 gram products in a box.
It has award-winning packaging Design.
Thanks to the windowed packaging, the product inside can be seen directly.
It has a specially designed packaging that gives a sense of quality when you pick it up.

Product name
Beta World Teas Collection Pomegranate Tea 50 grams
Pomegranate Seeds, Fruit Peels, Pomegranate Peel, Flavors
5 cartons
Tea containing the miraculous benefits of pomegranate
6 pcs in a carton
Tea type
Fruit Tea
Main Ingredients
Pomegranate Seeds

AOSB AIPEXPORT Adana Industrial Park

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