"15 years full of field experience, knowledge, experience and technical expertise."
With our capacity to produce a "total solution", we produce happy customers, reliable and practical solutions, and global benefits focused on uninterrupted, redundancy and sustainability in critical energy infrastructure.
We are a brand that stands by your business and you 24/7 with our cutting-edge technology and expert team.
We offer efficiency, simplicity and sustainability with our industrial experience, expert and solution-oriented team, high-performance product and service quality, and our ability to produce global business.
We make a difference with our instant response capability and our power to provide uninterrupted energy.
With our team that is open to communication and focused on continuous development, we realize the most suitable projects for your business by producing total solutions with good analysis, creative solutions and correct field applications.
We add value to your business by always being with you with the services we provide after the infrastructure field applications.


Expert Company in Critical Energy Infrastructure

• UPS Systems; Pioneer in Modular UPS Systems
• Battery Systems
• Battery Monitoring Systems: The first domestic production in Turkey
• Hotswap Battery cabinet (first domestic production in Turkey - battery replacement under energy)
• Panel Solutions;
- Hot Swap Distribution Boards; replace fuse under energy
- Service Bypass Board; Adding and removing UPS without power interruption
- Live Clipboard Exchanges; renewal of energy infrastructure while the business is alive
• Busbar and Cable; In 2008, energy distribution was done by busbar. Busbar that does not cut off energy when distribution boxes are opened-The first hot swap Busbar installation in Turkey
• Generator Network Transfer Systems; Solving the problems that arise in Network Generator systems
• Grounding Systems
• Integrated System Tests (IST)
• Maintenance and Service

Why Should We Prefer Alp Energy in Critical Energy Infrastructure?

• Mastery of all product items; right product selection
• Correct projecting and design
• Integration and Test & Commissioning Expertise
• Ease of Service and Maintenance (Maintenance contracts)
• High knowledge (know-how)
• R&D and innovation power – tailor-made solutions to customers
• Total solution power from a single source (All in one)

Our Mission

Alp Energy is an independent, solid and local operating company with the resources to adapt to the rapidly changing world.
Alp Energy supports commercial and industrial customers with leading service and technology.
The range of services provided is designed to complement the portfolio of UPS systems, Battery monitoring systems, Batteries and Critical energy infrastructure solutions.

Our Vision

Known for its superior complementary services and technologies, Alp Energy is the parent company providing energy efficient solutions to commercial and industrial customers in local and foreign markets.

For More Details :


Battery Monitoring System

Monitor Your Batteries 24/7 and Be Notified Instantly of Alarms!

ALPAIS Battery Monitoring System consists of 4 main components;


Battery Monitoring ModuleMeasurment: Battery Voltage, Battery Internal Resistance and Battery TemperatureCommunication Cable, Data Cable
String Monitoring ModuleMeasurment: String Voltage, Ambient Temperature, Humidity and String Current
Hall Effect Current Sensor, Current Measuring Cable
Control ModuleIt provides communication between the interface and the modules.
BMS SoftwareAll measurements are monitored from the user interface and related alarms are immediately reported from the interface.
Reports such as measurement charts and alarm history can be made.
Hardware Requirements

Application: VRLA, VLA and Ni-Cd Batteries (1.2-12V)

End of Costly Downtime 

If we are talking about the backup battery infrastructure installed somewhere, it can be easily predicted if and when a critical task has been carried out there. If the battery infrastructure is required and this need cannot be met on demand, the increase in costs will be inevitable.

Alpais: Adds Value to Your Business & Protects Your Investment! 

• Extends the lifetime of the batteries in the infrastructure. 
• Reduces maintenance and replacement costs through effective protective and preventative maintenance. 
• Provides maximum benefit with minimum workforce. 
• Provides remote access, giving you the opportunity to manage your business anytime, anywhere. 
• Provides planned battery procurement by avoiding emergency situations. 
• Enables the identification and verification of the warranty status with recorded data and reporting. 
• Provides improvements in business insurance premiums as risks are reduced to a minimum. 
• Keeps your staff away from battery racks/chambers and vulnerable areas which further ensures that their safety and activities continue without interruption. This allows you to focus on your core activities by simplifying your work safety. 

Moduler UPS


Uninterruptible power supply with highest availability!

Switching to the next level is 99.9999999 %

Standalone UPS


Unique productivity 96.6% (VFI)
Increased nominal ratings (kw = kVA)
Only the ease of front-reach service
5 times higher charge current from typical UPS alone

High reliability with design

High Battery Charging Current
Exceptional overload capacity

Short-circuit ability

Traction Battery Monitoring System

ALPTAIS is a high-performance wireless battery monitoring system applied for traction batteries that can monitor critical parameters of batteries during operation.

ALPTAIS continuously measures the parameters of the battery it is connected. Analyzes and evaluates these measurements. It transfers the measured data and evaluation results to the web server via Wi-Fi. In cases where there is no Wi-Fi access, it saves the data it receives in its memory. When it provides Wi-Fi access, it transmits the recorded data to the WEB server.

System; It measures Battery Total Voltage, Midpoint Voltage, Electrolyte Level, Battery Temperature and Battery Current parameters. These parameters are measured in all situations that the battery is Charged, Discharged and Idle.


• Wide Voltage Range (12V-96V) 
• Unbalanced with Midpoint Voltage Measurement 
• Finding Cells 
• Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi) 
• Permanent Registration Memory 
• Data Retrieval without Physical Intervention  
• Easy and Quick Installation 
• No Software Installation Required 
• Warning / Alarm Notification Via EMail 
• Status Notification via LED on Device 
• Ambient Temperature Reading (Option) 
• Mobile 3G / GPRS (Option)


• Extends battery life, reduces service and maintenance costs 

• Monitors battery performance throughout its lifecycle 

• Helps supervise and plan maintenance operations 

• Helps identify and solve battery / forklift site problems 

• It prevents unnecessary battery purchase 

• Reduces energy costs 

• Increases energy efficiency

ISO 9001




AOSB AIPEXPORT Adana Industrial Park

Adana Hacı Sabancı Industrial Park (AOSB) ever-growing, expanding,creating added value, contributing steady growth of Turkey with employment areasin different sectors, as the rising value of industry, continues to give more strength toTurkey.