Company   :   INPA RAF


INPA-RAF was established in Adana in 1974, and since its establishment, it has been among the pioneering and innovative companies of the rack industry in Turkey.

It offers solutions to customers from every sector with a full-service understanding in the stages of a project, production, assembly, and after-sales service with half a century of experience.

With turnkey projects, responding to customer demands in the fastest and most complete manner and establishing long-term relationships with customers are among the basic service principles.

INPA-RAF, with its innovative approach, produces rational and alternative solutions to problems encountered in warehouse layouts, different from standard shelf systems. Many innovations have been introduced in material, shipment, transportation, and storage systems to provide an efficient and fast warehouse management system. It also provides consultancy services for the selection of other warehouse elements that will serve this purpose.

INPA-RAF offers professional solutions to all kinds of storage needs in domestic and foreign markets with its expert architect and engineer staff. Every stage of production goes through a rigorous quality control process.

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