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Sarmak is the realization of an industrialism dream for an idealist, entrepreneur and young engineer educated in Germany. With the knowledge and experience gained in Germany, Turgay Saracoglu became a machinery manufacturer in his hometown.Since 1975 the production facility grew with increasing employment to this day.

Our difference is that we continue to manufacture the best machine with tenacity and passion by ethical principles. integrity, sincerity and fairness are the common values for our employees. Stability based on trust is the determining factor for our customers and suppliers.

Although we are a machinery manufacturer for more than 40 years, we are also an engineering, consulting and service company. We identify the needs of the customers correctly, act quickly and carefully during sales & aftersales. Additionally, we benefit from high technology efficiently and thus renew ourselves continuously.

Our corporate existence and philosophy depend on contributing to the success of our customers by making their lives easier. Consequently, our goal is always to remain trustworthy and respectable.

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Compressors - Robot 70-162 DAC

Compressors - Robot 70-162 DAC

Environmentalist member of our compressor family
It is perfect for businesses that want efficiency, brave, agile and strong.

Features and advantages of the system

3 phase/50hz/380v electric motor with IP 55/f insulation protection

Electric Oil Free Screw Compressors

Electric Oil Free Screw Compressors

The Most Environmentally Friendly Compressor With Zero Oil Risk The Cleanest Solution with Real Oil-Free Compressor.

Features and advantages of the system

- Zero oil - zero risk
- Thanks to its 100% oil-free, unique and high technology, it provides a compressed air quality above your expectations.

Long compressor life, superior design,less moving parts, less felt, zero gearbox usage.

Electronic fail safe system (fss)

If a situation occurs outside the nominal ambient conditions, the compressor automatically switches itself to safe mode and compressed air production continues.

Low speed - low temperature

The screw block has a low rpm range. Lower operating temperatures as a result of its low speed prevent wear of parts. The final compression temperature is below 60ºC. (It provides an economical and efficient compression due to its closeness to the ideal isothermal curve.)

Environmentally friendly compressor

Thanks to its technology that maximizes energy efficiency, it minimizes carbon emissions and ensures that your business is environmentally friendly.

Integrated air dryer

With its closed circuit fresh and pure water production, it meets the optimum quality water requirement in the compressor system. At the same time, it provides compressed air to the enterprise at the optimum dew point.

Scope of application

pharmaceutical, chemistry, laboratory, hospital, electronics, food, beverage and industries that need high quality 100% oil-free compressed air.

Electric Screw Air Compressors (Oil Spray)

Screw air compressors are positive displacement compressors. The most common screw air compressors are single-stage, oil- or water-injected compressors using screws, consisting of a pair of rotors (male and female) with helical and spiral lobes and splines (lugs and grooves). There are no intake and outlet valves. These units are mainly cooled by the screw rotors and oil or water injected (sprayed) into the screw to close the gaps between the rotors and the screw body (and the oil or water heated inside the screw is cooled by passing it through an air or water cooled oil or water cooler).

As a result of cooling by means of oil or water in the compressor, the operating temperature of the working parts never rises to extremely high values. Because of these features, the screw compressor is manufactured as an air or water cooled compressor package/unit that can operate continuously.

Its simple design (design) and the scarcity of wearing parts ensure that screw air compressors are easy to maintain and operate, and their installation can be done flexibly (without requiring special conditions).

Electric Speed ​​Adjustable Screw Compressors - Robot 15-62 DA

Electric Speed ​​Adjustable Screw Compressors - Robot 15-62 DA
First step for businesses with big goals
Little robots are on duty for you.
Features and advantages of the system

- Next generation, more efficient simple design
- Oil spray
- Air cooled
- High performance screw block
- IP54/f Insulation protected: 3 phase/50hz/380v electric motor


ISO 9001










AOSB AIPEXPORT Adana Industrial Park

Adana Hacı Sabancı Industrial Park (AOSB) ever-growing, expanding,creating added value, contributing steady growth of Turkey with employment areasin different sectors, as the rising value of industry, continues to give more strength toTurkey.